Event Features

INSTICC international events are unique in their role for knowledge dissemination, as they combine advantages of publication including a rigorous double blind review process, indexed proceedings and also special journal editions and books with the opportunity of direct feedback from scientists and authors from all over the world, including internationally renowned keynotes speakers. Below are highlighted some points of interest:

      • Keynote lectures, discussion panels and paper presentations provide an overview of the state of the art of the event's area of interest and of all major research questions in the field;

      • Speakers inspire each other with new methodologies, approaches and results;

      • All participants have access to all articles presented at the event;

      • Attendees benefit from several networking opportunities,  meet colleagues from all over the world, gain insight into ongoing and future research projects and have direct access to world-class keynote speakers, conference chairs and other high-ranking members of the community; 

      • Authors benefit from a double-blind independent review process and from direct feedback and personalized improvement suggestions. All papers are published in the event proceedings under an ISBN and are made available in the SCITEPRESS Digital Library with an individual DOI and submitted for indexation to all major indexes.

Event Structure

Conferences and Congresses are scientific events comprising the presentation and discussion of academic research, the publication of papers and collaboration opportunities for researchers and practitioners to discuss and network with each other. Keynote lectures, discussion panels and paper presentations offer insights into the state of the art in the event's area of interest as well as relevant research questions in the field.

  • Tutorials and Instructional Courses
  • Tutorials and Instructional Courses are practical sessions dedicated to hands-on sessions in a specialized field, technique, skill or application, presented by an internationally distinguished instructor in the field.
    Tutorials and Instructional Courses complement the conference or congress technical sessions by providing participants a different learning experience. They can be scheduled for half-day or full-day. If you’d like to suggest holding a Tutorial or an Instructional Course at an INSTICC conference or congress, please contact the event secretariat or the INSTICC Events Department.

  • Special Sessions and Symposia
  • The goal of Special Sessions and Symposia - minimum four papers, maximum nine - is to provide a forum for debating well focused and innovative topics. Paper presentations and publication in the proceedings functions are similarly to any other conference or congress session. Any proponents are welcome to suggest Special Sessions or Symposia to take place at an INSTICC conference or congress, by filling out a form at the corresponding website or by sending an email to the event secretariat.

  • Panels
  • Panels are debate sessions where a small number of experts are invited to engage in a public discussion of a particular theme, usually starting with short position statements and then debating their points of view with the audience, during a limited slot of time of about 90 minutes. Two types of panel can be considered: Research Panels, based on the presence of academic community members and focused on the discussion of research topics; and Industrial Panels, with the presence of practitioners and oriented to promote knowledge exchanges between academia and industry.

  • Workshops
  • Workshops are independent events that take advantage of using the logistics settings of a conference or a congress. This is an opportunity to address a topic area in depth, giving it the proper visibility, and allowing also more time than usual at a regular conference or congress sessions for debate. Workshops include 10 or more paper presentations and can be scheduled for one day or two days, integrated in INSTICC existing events. To propose a workshop please use a form at the corresponding website, send an email to the event secretariat or contact the INSTICC Events Department.

  • Demonstrations
  • Demonstrations provide researchers and practitioners with an exciting and interactive opportunity to showcase their systems, artifacts and/or research prototypes, either in a regular oral session or as an exhibitor. Any written support materials may be distributed locally but not published in the proceedings. Authors who already present a paper at the conference may apply for a demonstration, to complement but not to replace their paper presentation. Demonstrations can also be made by sponsor companies or as a mixed initiative involving researchers and industrial partners. Demonstrations are based on an informal setting that encourages presenters and participants to engage in discussions about presented work. This is an opportunity for the participants to disseminate practical results of their research and to network with other applied researchers or business partners. Concerning the format of the demo, we could accommodate it either as demonstration in a booth (physical area of 4 sq.meter, with a table and 2 chairs) at the posters area, for a half-day period, or as an oral presentation at a session especially set up for demonstrations. All interested parties in organizing a demonstration at an INSTICC event should contact the event secretariat or the INSTICC Events Department.

  • Exhibitions
  • Exhibitions are intended to display information about organizations, products or services. A limited space for a stand is made available at an appropriate area, easily accessible to all event delegates. Different sizes and types of stand are usually available, although the default is to provide a table, two chairs and an internet connection.

ENASE 2020
5-6 May, Prague
15th Int. Conf. on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering
ICEIS 2020
5-7 May, Prague
22nd Int. Conf. on Enterprise Information Systems
CSEDU 2020
2-4 May, Prague
12th Int. Conf. on Computer Supported Education
7-9 May, Prague
6th Int. Conf. on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management
ICT4AWE 2020
3-5 May, Prague
6th Int. Conf. on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health