What is Industrial Internet of Things?

What is Industrial Internet of Things?

Industrial IoT Examples

By Yash Mehta

Posted 04 March 2016 | 16:50 GMT


Internet has certainly evolved the way how we carry out our daily functions as well as activities. By helping all devices and objects to communicate with each other via a common network connection, it certainly brings down the cost of certain crucial constraints, such as cost, response time, efficiency as well as scalability. The Internet of Things technology has today become a part of almost every feasible scenario around us and our industries are also seen benefiting from it. This is exactly where the concept of Industrial Internet of Things comes into existence.

So what exactly is Industrial Internet of Things and how can it affect the way our industries are functioning??

We can say that Industrial Internet of Things will submerge and correlate all industrial components to form one single smart machinery. Industrial Internet of Things is a wave of technology that will connect all machines as well as devices together so that they can function together as one gigantic intelligent system. This can be cited as probably one of the best uses of the Internet of Things technology for mankind.

You must be thinking about what reform the Industrial Internet of Things technology will bring in the current functioning of our industries. First and foremost, with the help of Industrial IoT all inter- connected devices will be able to work together with high speed, scalability, capabilities as well as accuracy.

As a matter of fact, the world of industries and heavy engineering around us is not new to Internet of Things technology as well as its capabilities. Yes, several innovative Internet of Things Companies are working on technologies, products as well as intelligent systems which will make it easier for our industries to grow and benefit the society in more number of ways. Below are some of the common examples of Industrial Internet of Things.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Examples


The healthcare industry can largely benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things technology. The fact that these days we can check our sugar levels, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. at home is due to the impact of IoT inspired products only. Companies have now come up with pill bottles that indicate when they are going to run out as well as regarding the prescribed dosage and their schedules as well. Apart from this, hospital are making use of large interconnected machines and devices which collectively take note of the patient’s health and provide better diagnostics.

Aerospace and Defence

Another example of Industrial Internet of Things technology is in the field of Aerospace and Defence. With the help of IoT inspired devices and technology, these industries can achieve scalability, better performance as well as reliability which are crucial for real- time retrieval as well as disintegration of critical data. IoT technology is of great use for space- missions as well as in maintaining the security of our society.

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