OneCare Dori supports elderly people and caregivers

OneCare Dori supports elderly people and caregivers



By i9Magazine

Posted 26 August 2016 | 17:00 GMT 

Supporting elderly to take medication in a correct way, by giving alerts and information in real-time to caregivers and relatives it’s the objective of OneCare Dori. The Portuguese social entrepreneurship project is in fundraising phase.

This is a technologic solution proposed by four Coimbra’s young, which has been launched on a global scale through a crowdfunding campaign (fundraising) until the last July 6. To conclude the product development process, the team needs to save 15.000 euros. “Any people can support this project by the early buy of the OneCare Dori, or by a symbolic gift with the minimum value of one euro. All this can be made here, where you can find the detailed explanation about the product and how it operates”, explain the young.

The idea appeared from the need to support to support thousands of elderly in the world, taking the medication on a regular basis, to measure blood pressure and to control diabetes. When these critical tasks are forgotten or neglected, the health status of the elderly is seriously compromised in the short term. If we add the fact that caregivers and relatives have a very active life style, which doesn’t allow them to always be present, this question takes on proportions and greater and more harmful consequences.

Diogo Bhovan, Mário Pereira, Marisa Malva and Marta Pinto decided to put “hands on” and create a solution that could work in a preventive way. “We did a ‘technologies’ cocktail that enables simplified use of the system for the elderly and their caregivers. Interactive reminders are triggered automatically in the form of personal custom voice calls to fixed or mobile phone of the elderly while the caregiver receives notifications and alerts in real-time at the smartphone ", they explain.

The system allows to “use the daily routine of the elderly or handling the medication box, to automatically trigger the interactive reminder. All this information can be customized and monitored in real-time by caregiver though his/her smartphone”.

This may be a vailable solution: “we believe that this solution contributes to increased health condition and retarding deterioration delay of the health of thousands of elderly, still supporting their caregivers who often feel the heavy responsibility of caring someone more fragile, in the fast-accelerated and hectic today’s world”, they concluded.

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