Smart gloves: therapeutic gloves through heat

Smart gloves: therapeutic gloves through heat


By i9Magazine

Posted 12 August 2016 | 17:00 GMT 


Two researchers from the University of Porto developed gloves in order to treat people with osteoarthritis and chilblains.

The solution was created by Débora Pereira and Elsa Filipa Sousa and consists on apparently common gloves which include a smart automatic internal heating technology, that allows a more effective and economical treatment.

The heat provided by the gloves combats pain caused by osteoarthritis – a disease which causes degeneration of cartilage and bones - and also prevents the appearance of chilblains, by temperature adjustment.

This project, which appeared in the academic context, has originated the Smart Gloves start-up, founded on September 2015 and currently incubated at the Science and Technology Park of Porto University (UPTEC in Portuguese).

The students of 4th year of the Integrated Biotechnology Master have the support of UPTEC and of Technological Innovation Center of Textile Industry and the collaboration of the Biomechanics Laboratory of Oporto, AddVolt and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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