Ontology-based Systems Engineering - The Smart Way of Realizing Complex Systems

Presented on 13 Nov at IC3K

Keynote Lecturer: Ralf Bogusch

Abstract: Systems engineering constitutes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to enable the realization of successful systems that meet customer expectations. Today, stakeholders demand increasingly capable systems that are growing in complexity. Model-based approaches which involve application of system modelling for requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation, are becoming more and more popular in order to deal with the increase of system complexity. However, model-based systems engineering is still in the early stage of maturity.According to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Vision 2025, formal systems modelling based on knowledge representation will be a standard practice in the future. Advanced simulation capabilities will enable understanding of complex system behaviour in a virtual environment, immersive technologies will allow data visualization, semantic web technologies will facilitate data integration, reasoning will aid decision making, and finally communication technologies will support collaboration across interdisciplinary teams.Ontology engineering helps advance model-based systems engineering towards this vision. For example, the combination of a controlled vocabulary and underlying formalism provides the opportunity to create high-quality requirements and models, improve semantic interoperability and enable additional analysis. This talk reports about current experiences gained from the European research project CRYSTAL and the envisioned work.