When the Sharing Economy, IT and Education Collide

Presented on 24 May at CSEDU 2015

Keynote Lecturer: Glenn Wintrich

Abstract: The 21st century has already brought about amazing changes. We are entering an era of open source, global collaboration and entrepreneurialism. We live in a world where there is no shortage of good ideas tied to amazing stories of skyrocketing successes.  Size, scale, secrecy and mountains of capital are the prerequisites of the past.  With the help of IT by the drink, global supply chains awaiting your orders, crowdsourcing and the Internet to globalize your business, startups can rapidly become global billion dollar successes.
Education institutions across the world are recognizing the parallels between startups such as Zipcar, AirBnB, and Innocentive and the potential education practices of tomorrow. Each company was founded on great ideas and an innovative business models that were brought to life by cutting edge IT solutions. This keynote will highlight the possibilities that IT can enable; the viable educational shifts and case studies were the sharing economy, IT and education collided. This collision has resulted in the genesis of new approaches, reach and value for both the universities and their students.