Software- and Systems Architecture for Smart Vehicles

Presented on 20 May at WEBIST 2015, VEHITS 2015 and CLOSER 2015

Keynote Lecturer: Cornel Klein

Abstract: Both fully automated driving and electromobility are promising approaches to address the challenges of mobility with regards to sustainability, urbanization and demographic change. Moreover, they also change the usage patterns and concepts for future passenger vehicles and enable new kinds of applications for special purpose vehicles, for instance in logistics. Recently, many projects and demonstrators have shown the feasiblity and tremendous potential of driving automation for building such “Smart vehicles”. However, we are convinced that for the cost-effective development, validation and deployment of automation functions current vehicle architectures are insufficient. Therefore, we present results and research directions in software- and systems architectures. Moreover, we discuss their relevance for the efficient implementation of new vehicle functions and innovative applications.