Cooperative Motion Planning, Navigation, and Control of Multiple Autonomous Marine Vehicles - Robots and Humans in the Loop

Presented on 22 May at VEHITS 2015

Keynote Lecturer: António Pascoal

Abstract: This talk addresses the general topic of cooperative motion control of marine vehicles, both from a theoretical and a practical standpoint. The presentation is rooted in practical developments and experiments at sea. Examples of scientific mission scenarios with autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), acting alone or in cooperation, set the stage for the main contents of the presentation. From a theoretical standpoint, special attention is given to a number of challenging problems that include cooperative motion control and navigation of fleets of autonomous vehicles. The efficacy of the systems developed has been shown during real tests at sea. The connections with advanced methods for navigation, including geophysical-based navigation, are also discussed. Recent results on cooperative motion control with applications to the development of devices for robot-assisted human diving operations are described. The results are illustrated with videos from actual field tests with multiple marine robots and a diver in the loop. The core material presented in the talk was obtained in the scope of the GREX (, CO3AUVs (, MORPH (, and CADDY (  projects of the EC.