Computational Logic as an Intelligent Agent’s Language of Thought

Presented on 10 Jan at ICAART 2015

Keynote Lecturer: Robert Kowalski

Abstract: Research in AI builds upon the tools and techniques of many different disciplines, including formal logic. However, the application of formal logic to AI has revealed the deficiencies of traditional logic and has led to the development of a computational logic that is both simpler and more powerful. The computational logic that I will describe in this talk is the logic of an intelligent agent whose task in life is to make its goals true, by performing actions to change the world, in response to the changes that it observes in the world. For this purpose, the agent uses beliefs in logical form both to reason forwards from its observations and to reason backwards from its goals, generating actions as subgoals.I will argue that this form of computational logic can be used not only for artificial intelligence, but also for more conventional computer applications.Because it improves upon traditional logic, it can also be used for the original purpose of logic, to help people improve their own natural intelligence.