What Do We Know and How Well Do We Know It? Current Knowledge about Software Engineering Practices

The various prescriptions for how software systems can be developed and maintained make wide use of a set of ‘practice models’ that have become established (...)

Integrating Retail and e-Commerce using Web Analytics and Intelligent Sensors

The consumer has a choice to shop on-line from home via a browser or mobile app or go alternatively in person to a store and accomplish a shopping goal. The latter (...)

Future SDN - Reconfiguration Heartland, Challenge and Revolution

In the context of network systems I will discuss the limits of reconfigurable systems. To this end, I will draw on examples from architectural trends, the silicon (...)

Empowering the Knowledge Worker - End-User Software Engineering in Knowledge Management

Rapid growth of international trade and cooperation on the one hand and the global Information and Communication Technology(ICT)-driven communication powered (...)

Geographic Knowledge Engineering for Territorial Intelligence

In a lot of applications from agriculture to zoology, from environmental planning to territorial intelligence, actual systems of artificial intelligence are (...)

Towards Data-driven Models of Human Behavior

In my talk, I will present some of the work on human behavior modeling and inference from data, both at the individual and aggregate levels, including facial (...)

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Hyperspectral remote sensing technology has advanced significantly in the past two decades. Current sensors onboard airborne and spaceborne platforms cover large areas (...)

eARTh Observation - A World to Be Sensed

Geoinformation of specific regions, territories and ecosystems requires tools operating on a stable and integrity basis. Earth Observation Platforms are nowadays a mature (...)

Money-over-IP - From Bitcoin to Smart Contracts and M2M Money

The Internet has sparkled a number of innovations that have fundamentally changed many aspects of our lives. Among them, it has dis-intermediated markets, transforming (...)

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ENASE 2020
5-6 May, Prague
15th Int. Conf. on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering
ICEIS 2020
5-7 May, Prague
22nd Int. Conf. on Enterprise Information Systems
CSEDU 2020
2-4 May, Prague
12th Int. Conf. on Computer Supported Education
7-9 May, Prague
6th Int. Conf. on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management
ICT4AWE 2020
3-5 May, Prague
6th Int. Conf. on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health