Perspectives on Innovation in Sport Engineering - Stochastic Resonance and their Application in Modern Training and Rehabilitation

The first part of the presentation shows some physiological results from research in the filed of adaptation of the nervous (...)

The Role of Domain Specific Languages in Modeling and Simulation

Simulation, as an experiment performed with a formal model, is meanwhile widely accepted as the third branch of science, complementing theoretical (...)

Parallel Discrete Event Simulation - Past, Present and Future

The parallel discrete event simulation field emerged in the 1970s around the problem of distributing the execution of a discrete (...)

Agent-based Models for Exploring Social Complexity, with an Application of Network Analysis to Agents

Thinking to agent-based models as artifacts, useful to explore economic complexity, means to introduce (...)

The Provenance of Consumer and Social Media Data

This presentation reports on the research activities of the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), which is one of the UK’s current ‘Big Data’ investments (...)

Collaborative Algorithm Platforms

In many domains such as machine learning, constraint satisfaction or stochastic optimization, algorithm portfolios have been designed to handle the diversity of (...)

Connecting Services to the Web of Data

Over the last few years we have seen a rapid growth in the Web of Data where now statistics indicate that there are around 100 billion semantic statements (...)

Controlled Magnetic Bearings for Smart Machines

Controlled or Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) keep a rotor in a hovering position, without any contact, with no wear or lubrication. They are a typically mechatronic (...)

Rough Terrain Mobile Robotics - From Design to Motion Control and Planning

Rough terrain robotics is a new emerging research field that has stimulated a high number of works during recent years with the aim to provide more autonomy for (...)

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ENASE 2020
5-6 May, Prague
15th Int. Conf. on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering
ICEIS 2020
5-7 May, Prague
22nd Int. Conf. on Enterprise Information Systems
CSEDU 2020
2-4 May, Prague
12th Int. Conf. on Computer Supported Education
7-9 May, Prague
6th Int. Conf. on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management
ICT4AWE 2020
3-5 May, Prague
6th Int. Conf. on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health