Modelling as a Way in Design of Novel Algorithms in Computational Intelligence

Helena Szczerbicka - Universität Hannover
There has been a growing interest in recent years in development of computational intelligence methodologies that relate to nature-inspired computational methodologies and approaches to (...)

Framing the Foundations of Computing using Computer Simulation

Paul Fishwick - University of Texas at Dallas - US
Modeling is an enterprise that is present in all academic disciplines, and it is a topic native to the simulation field in cases where the model captures the dynamical essence of phenomena. Computing (...)

Autonomous, Versatile and Dependable Robot Manipulation based on Multiple Sensors

Angel P. Del Pobil - Universitat Jaume I - Spain
Autonomous robot manipulation is one of the most important challenges in robotics. It involves three challenges: versatility, defined as the capability to adapt to different situations, instead of (...)

Off-road Robotics - Perception and Navigation

Karsten Berns - University of Kaiserslautern
The research area of off-road robotics is focusing on autonomous or semiautonomous vehicles able to navigate in rough terrain without a predefined trail. Typical examples are agriculture and forestry (...)

What Sensors are Needed for Autonomous Driving?

Christoph Stiller - KIT
We are witnessing an exciting trend towards vehicle automation. We extend the research on robotic vehicles of several international groups that employ expensive on-roof (...)

Real Mobile Robots and Virtual Worlds - Putting them Together in a New Teaching Paradigm

Riccardo Cassinis - University of Brescia - Italy
Mobile robots have been playing an important role in education during the last few years. This refers not only to robots used for teaching robotic concepts, but also, and in a more and more pervasive (...)

Conceptual Modeling in Agile Information Systems Development

Antoni Olivé - Universitat Politècnica de Cataluny
The nature and the role of conceptual modeling in information systems development has neither in theory nor in practice been established satisfactorily. There are diverse views on what conceptual (...)

Data Fraud Detection

Hans-J. Lenz Freie - Universitat Berlin
Data Fraud is a criminal activity done by at least one person who intentionally acts secretly to deprive other people of something of value, for their own benefit, i.e. profit or prestige. Data Fraud (...)

Why ERP Systems Will Keep Failing

Jan Dietz - Delft University of Technology
ERP systems, like other kinds of enterprise information systems, are rarely a real success. The main cause of the many failures in practice is the prevailing wrong understanding of these systems. (...)

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15th Int. Conf. on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering
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