Big Data and The Customer Decision Journey

Matt Hertig - Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Ali
Understanding the paths customers take to making a decision has never been more important. The marketing channel interactions customers utilize in their journey to make decisions represent a Big Data (...)

Advanced Persistent Threats & Social Engineering

Edgar Weippl Secure Business Austria - Vienna Univ
Social Engineering has long been a very effective means of attacking information systems. The term knowledge worker has been coined by Peter Drucker more than 50 years ago and still describes (...)

Social Business Intelligence - OLAP Applied to User Generated Contents

Matteo Golfarelli - University of Bologna
The huge quantity of information, talks, posts, and papers available on the web cannot be ignored by companies. Being aware in near-real time of hot topics and opinions about a product or (...)

What a Tangled Effort Estimation Web We Weave! - How Can Knowledge Management Disentangle This Web?

Emilia Mendes - Blekinge Institute of Technology
A cornerstone of Web project management is effort estimation, the process by which effort is forecasted and used as basis to predict costs and allocate resources effectively, so enabling (...)

Social Structures in Software Engineering

J.C. (Hans) van Vliet - Vrije Universitei .t Neth
Software is designed and written by groups of people, often distributed across sites and continents. These groups form social communities, with different ties, governance structures, membership (...)

Democratization in Science and Technology through Cloud Computing

Ivona Brandić - Vienna UT - Austria
Currently, many data centers are adopting Cloud Computing technology to achieve high performance and scalability for their applications while maintaining low costs. Service provisioning in the Cloud (...)

Model-driven Development of Multi-View Modelling Tools - The MUVIEMOT Approach

Dimitris Karagiannis - University of Vienna
Computer science and information system communities discuss the term „model“ in different ways, depending on which fundamentals they build upon. From there, requirements are derived which (...)

The Geometry and Topology of Data Analysis

Herbert Edelsbrunner - IST
Major inroads into the analysis of high-dimensional data have followed initially low-dimensional geometric and topological constructions. I was personally involved in the following two (...)

The Role of Modeling and Simulation in Coordination of Health Care

Bernard P.Zeigler - University of Arizona - US
US healthcare, the most expensive in the world, has been diagnosed as an assemblage of uncoordinated component subsystems embedded in a market economy that promotes independent pricing with (...)

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