Reasons to Join

INSTICC Membership is a way to remain connected with the R&D community and to keep aware of new ideas, research projects and opportunities. INSTICC membership is open to all the community ranging from individuals, institutions, universities, libraries, research groups, companies and other organizations who contribute to knowledge advancement in the INSTICC fields of pursuit.

Improved Access to Publications

  • INSTICC Members have free access to the SCITEPRESS Digital Library including over 42100 papers by more than 90300 authors;

  • INSTICC Members are welcome to contribute to INSTICC newsletter.

Networking Opportunities

  • INSTICC Members are encouraged to publish and present their research work in a variety of forms, from events such as conferences, congresses, special sessions, symposia, workshops and tutorials to publications such as the INSTICC newsletter and other media;

  • INSTICC Members Benefit from special discounts at INSTICC sponsored events, including reduced registration fees;

  • INSTICC has limited number of grants to offer to members who have economic difficulties to attend sponsored events. Every year, more than 100 grants are offered;

  • INSTICC members furthermore stand to benefit from the variety of social networks in which INSTICC is represented, and which can be used to network informally with other members of the INSTICC community and the broader academic community; 

  • To become a member, please Join Online or contact us at

Membership Categories

INSTICC members can join the INSTICC network in different categories, as described below. There are particular aspects that are specific of each of these categories that may add to the common list of membership benefits. Please contact INSTICC membership services to learn more about it.

  • Regular Membership

For researchers, engineers, practitioners and academics, as well as industrial professionals. This membership type is the most common one.

  • Student Membership

For individuals currently enrolled full-time in accredited undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Honorary Membership

This is conferred to INSTICC members who are given special recognition for their contribution to INSTICC, and/or who have distinguished themselves in the process of serving or dignifying INSTICC and the academic or professional community.

  • Institutional Membership

For universities, research groups, and companies, as well as libraries and other organizations. Institutional membership enables the institution to become referred and advertised as an institutional partner of INSTICC, its library benefits from privileged access to all INSTICC publications, and a number of selected personnel and students are offered INSTICC member status.

  • Senior Membership

Attributed to researchers or professional who have been active for at least 10 years and have given significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge or to improving professional practices in one or more of the INSTICC fields of interest.