INSTICC is the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication, a scientific, non-profit, association whose main goals are to serve the international scientific community by promoting, developing and disseminating knowledge in the areas of information systems and technologies, control and communications.

To achieve these goals, INSTICC is committed to integrate and support many activities relevant for the international scientific community, including:

  • Promotion of the mobility of renowned researchers, usually involved as keynote speakers at INSTICC events, so that they can share their knowledge with conference delegates;
  • Providing grants to support the presence of many young researchers from all over the world, especially from regions facing economic difficulties, who wish to attend INSTICC conferences;
  • Publication of proceedings, books and journals - some of them in cooperation with distinguished international publishers - widely indexed and made available at appropriate digital libraries;
  • Sponsorship of research projects, proposed by universities and R&D institutes, related to INSTICC main interest areas;
  • Collaboration with international associations, who may technically  co-sponsor INSTICC events, as well as with companies involved in R&D or supporting of the international academic community. 

Over the years, these initiatives have brought together a large and very diversified international community spread over more than 168 countries, including more than 1050 high profile keynote speakers, over 25600 specialized reviewers and about 90300 authors.

Reasons to Join

INSTICC membership is a way to remain connected with the R&D community and to keep aware of new ideas, research projects and opportunities. INSTICC membership is open to all the community ranging from individuals, institutions, universities, libraries, research groups, companies and other organizations who contribute to knowledge advancement in the INSTICC fields of pursuit.

Improved Access to Publications

  • INSTICC members are welcome to contribute to the INSTICC newsletter.

Networking Opportunities

  • INSTICC members are encouraged to publish and present their research work in a variety of forms, from events such as conferences, congresses, special sessions, symposia, workshops and tutorials to publications such as the INSTICC newsletter and other media;
  • INSTICC members benefit from special discounts at INSTICC sponsored events, including reduced registration fees;
  • INSTICC has limited number of grants to offer to members who have economic difficulties to attend sponsored events. Every year, more than 100 grants are offered;
  • INSTICC members furthermore stand to benefit from the variety of social networks in which INSTICC is represented, and which can be used to network informally with other members of the INSTICC community and the broader academic community;